Pappy’s Travel Pack

$35.99 available on subscription

While traveling enjoy Pappy’s KETO FRIENDLY Snacks! Chicken Cracklin, Pappy’s Steak in a Bag.

“Pappy Kershenstine’s Cajun Style Chicken Cracklins” are made from the freshest chicken skins, fried golden brown and seasoned with Pappy’s Famous Seasoning.

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Pappy’s Steak in a Bag, is made from the finest and leanest cut of round steak to ensure its great quality.

Its succulent taste will win you over with the first bite. To achieve this, the steaks are cured in Pappy’s Olde Fashion Recipe, then smoked to perfection and topped with Pappy’s Secret Seasoning.

Our Seasoning, a secret recipe, is sure to win your taste buds over, a taste that you can’t resist. Try Pappy’s Jerky today!
Famous since 1976, Now you can enjoy Pappy’s Steak in a Bag, along with thousands of others who have enjoyed “Pappy’s Steak in a Bag” for over 4 decades.

Pappy’s Sampler Pack includes:
1 – 3 oz Bag of Pappy’s Famous Chicken Cracklin
3 – Can of Pappy’s Steak Jerky Chew
1 – 1 oz. Bag of Pappy’s Famous Pepper Steak in a Bag
1 – 1 oz Bag of Pappy’s BBQ Steak in a Bag
1 – 1 oz Bag of Pappy’s Maple & Pepper Steak in a Bag
1 – 1 oz Bag of Pappy’s Wild Bufflao


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