Kershenstine Beef Jerky, Inc prefers to make sure that our smoked meats are upheld to a certain standard.

We use only the finest cuts of meat, Premium Select, Beef Round Steak. We even cut the meat in a certain way to ensure the best jerky experience ever.

Seasoned with our family secret recipe and slow-smoked over an open-fire smoker, our jerky sits for hours till it has reached perfection. All this is then packaged in our USDA inspected facility

In 1886, I was traveling in my wagon going to the western hills of Wyoming where the trails ran through the relatively flat country of the Great Plains.

Obstacles were few, though the river crossings were dangerous for my wagon, and the danger of Indian attacks was a small but genuine risk.

As a continued my travels West, I noticed a unique flair, a Trapper was smoking strips of meat over hickory flaming coals with the aroma of hickory through the air. I circled around and stopped to investigate that aroma.

From that experience, I created my own recipe of smoked meats. I took my beef steaks and cut them into strips, seasoned them with my famous recipe and smoked the strips over my campfire of hickory logs.

I called my delicious strips of beef, the now famous Pappy Kershenstine beef jerky, Steak in a Bag.

So, folks sit back, relax and enjoy one of the most fantastic treats from the western hills of Wyoming, Steak in a Bag!

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