Stay Active

Why Stay Active?

You need to stay active in order to start receiving commissions. You want to stay active as soon as possible to ensure that you receive commissions immediately. We recommend becoming active on the first as early as possible. The system checks daily at the end of the day to see who is active and who is entitled to earn commissions for the rest of the month. You could become active any day of the month, but the earlier the better period because you want to benefit from your downline Becoming active as well.

What do I need to do to become active?

To become active, all you need to do is spend at least $100 during the calendar month. Remember it’s best to become active on the first to ensure that you receive commissions on your entire downline as they become active.

What is an easy way to ensure that I stay active?

The system has been. designed. to make it really easy to stay active. We offer additional products. subscriptions below that will automatically Purchase product on your behalf at the amount you determine. and keep you active.. We will pick, pack and ship your products to you for you to resale for. full retail or enjoy for yourself. Just take a look at the choices below. to ensure that you stay active and receive all commissions, you are entitled to..

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