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Pappy does it again, HEATS THINGS UP!

Pappy’s unique blend of aged cayenne red pepper and butter flavor along with selected spices with a kick that make you crave Pappy’s “FIERY HOT” Steak in a Bag.

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Pappy heats up things! Pappy’s Steak in a Bag “Fiery Hot” is awesome!!! You’ll love the exciting flavor with a burst of heat that is sure to get your taste buds jumping.

Made with Carolina Reaper, the hottest pepper on planet earth.  WARNING!  Enjoy with Caution!

Each bag contains 2.5 oz. of the finest beef steak jerky that money can buy!

It is a nutritious alternative to the many “junk foods” on the market and the health conscious public is making the change to Pappy’s Steak in a Bag for a healthy snack.

Preserving meat by drying is a simple process, like pioneers did while traveling west, over hickory wood fire pit. This process used in producing Pappy’s Steak in a Bag.

Pappy Kershenstine’s Steak in a Bag is an old family recipe, adapted for large scale production. The starting point is the point of greatest difference between Pappy’s Steak in a Bag and other beef jerky products because Pappy’s Steak in a Bag is made from natural cut of beef, cut in fact from inside round steaks, not chopped and formed, or the ground and formed procedure to produce beef jerky. Whereas, Pappy’s starts natural and stays natural throughout the process.



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